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Whether your personal bridal look is highly dramatic, a funky retro style, a classic blushing bride, a natural bohemian feel, or anything in between...

Whether you're a makeup novice or a glamour-puss...

Your makeup should reflect the best version of you--the version you maybe didn't even know you could be.

This is my specialty.

why choose whodoesyourmakeup-bridal?

Are You Someone Who...

  • Has recurring nightmares about showing up to your wedding looking like a member of the Kardashians or a contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race? 
  • Rarely wears makeup and is slightly hesitant with the idea of getting your makeup done by a professional?   What if it feels uncomfortable? What if it doesn't look like me?
  • Likes wearing makeup--heck, you LOVE wearing makeup! But you’re afraid of not looking like YOU on the most important day of your life? 
  • YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorials have sent you into a full blown panic attack? 
  • Had a bad experience with getting your makeup done previously? Did you look in the mirror and silently scream because, nuh-uh, this did NOT look good? (You probably went into the bathroom to try and “fix” it).  
  • Isn't into the whole bridal "hooplah" and doesn't even know if getting her makeup done is even worth doing because, ugh, you're tired already!?!
  • TOTALLY is into the whole bridal "hooplah" and the best part about it is  searching for your makeup artist--but WOW who is the right one to choose? Ugh, I'm tired already!

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then you've come to the right place.

Joking aside, your wedding day is the most special and important day of your life.  

No one takes that more seriously than I do—except YOU. 


Kate Navarro-McKay—Brooklyn, NY


“I am a makeup artist's nightmare. I don't have a skincare routine. I don't like the feel of cosmetics on my face.  my way - I couldn't feel it! Yet somehow, my lips were full and shiny, my eyes popped, my cheeks were rosy and my nose even somehow got smaller.
Pamela asked me no technical questions. It was fun, it was easy. We chatted, we had a lovely time and before I knew it, she somehow made me the prettiest version of myself.
What I'm saying is she might be one of Cinderella's fairy godmothers.“

Caroline Davis—Blacksburg, VA


“Pamela did hair and makeup for my engagement shoot in Central Park, NYC. We decided it would be easiest to just come to her home and get everything done. She was very welcoming, and it was a really casual morning. I asked Pamela if she could do a nod to an “old Hollywood” look with a bold lip - but that would still seem natural—and she delivered! The whole thing took around 1.5 hrs, and it really flew by since we chatted the whole time. I would really recommend her for hair and makeup -- she does a spectacular job and is really down-to-earth. It was a great experience!”


Linnea Wilson—Burlington, VT


“Not only is Pamela an incredibly talented makeup artist, she is also a joy to be around.  She listened to my wish to "look like myself but rested" when she asked what I was thinking for my makeup.  Pamela's calm and supportive presence (with a good dose of spot-on humor) was a most welcome addition to the pre-wedding process for this low-key bride.  A friend at the wedding said, "you and your bridesmaids all look so beautiful because you look like yourselves!" 

Jen Jwok—LIC, NY


Working with Pamela Bob was one of the best decisions I made for our  wedding! I was not a huge make up person at the time - although I am  now, possibly because of my awesome experiences with her?! I was going  for a natural, vintage-inspired bridal look, so I wanted to work with  someone who could give me a touch of glam without going over the top.  She  wound up being such a wonderful presence on our big day, bringing a  warm, easygoing vibe, positive attitude and fantastic sense of humor. Not only did she  do my bridal look, but she also did makeup for my mom, sister,  mother-in-law & aunt-in-law - all women of various ages and skin  tones. Needless to  say, getting our makeup done was a special occasion for all of us, and  Pamela made us feel comfortable and beautiful all day and night long!  

Who is whodoesyourmakeup-bridal?

Pamela Bob -Makeup, Hair, Education, All Around Fierceness.


Pamela Bob (aka “BOB”),is a New York City based Makeup Artist.  Clients include Tony, Grammy and Emmy nominees/winners, TV/Film/Media personalities, Broadway Actors, Musicians, Authors, Dancers and everything in between!

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Some fun facts...


Easy! Here it is...


When I got married to the love of my life, I woke up that morning feeling ALL the feels. It had nothing to do with doubting the marriage (we had already been together 10 years!). But I felt the enormity of the moment, of this new chapter of my life that was about to unfold. 

I was so delicate, so emotional, I couldn't be around anyone else. I told everyone to scram!

Since I am a Makeup Artist, I did my own makeup, but instead of also doing my own hair, I decided to treat myself to a salon. Am I ever glad I did! That hour of being taken care of and pampered was just what I needed to center myself.

So you might want to party with your friends and family while getting ready for the main event—and that’s great! But you might find yourself needing some peaceful  alone time with you and your Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist. 

Think of that time as a beautifying meditation.


I love weddings! I am the girl who cries every time. Ugly cries.

I’m the girl who peeks in to catch a glimpse of any wedding whenever I see one. I have been known to hide in bushes or behind trees to watch total strangers get married. I promise I’m not a stalker.

OK I’ll also hang around to watch a bride, groom and bridal party have their photo shoot taken. Sue me. (OK please don’t sue me)

I went bridal dress shopping for my birthday this year. 

I wanted to relive the magical bridal moment! And guess what?  It was soooo awesome! 

I believe weddings can be amazing on any budget. It can be in a big ballroom, or a backyard BBQ — what matters is the meaning of this event, the love that is being celebrated, and the people there who are supporting you. So just HAVE FUN!


I have 2 amazing kids. Henry is 9 and Margot is 1. 

They are the loves of my life.

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